How to get out of debt and enjoy debt free living with the powerful “Zero-Sum Budget” method Zero Down Your Debt ─ How to manage money and experience debt free living: Getting into debt is a piece of cake, but getting out? That’s the hard part. Fortunately, award-winning authors Holly Porter Johnson and Greg Johnson offer actionable tips and advice in their new book on how to get out of debt and enjoy debt free living. The secret? The “zero-sum budget”— the black belt of budgeting methods and the answer to how to get out of debt and pay off that debt quickly. They should know: It helped them wipe out $50,000 of debt. How to get out of debt: With just a pen and a piece of paper in your arsenal, you’ll learn how to implement a zero-sum budget and become debt-free – once and for all. The zero-sum budget’s primary tenets are giving every single dollar earned a purpose — whether it’s for bills, debt repayment or savings — and using last month’s earnings to cover this month’s bills. All you need is the know-how, some willpower, and a positive attitude to transform your financial situation. Let Holly and Greg Johnson show you how to put zero-sum budgeting to work for you. In Zero Down Your Debt you will learn to: • Unlock the powerful potential of your paycheck to help you save more and get ahead faster • Seize control of your money by creating a simple monthly plan that actually works • Understand the root causes of your debt and how to get out of debt • Use a step-by-step plan to eliminate your debt once and for all and enjoy debt free living • Identify and avoid budget vampires that drain your bank account and wreak havoc on your savings • Prepare for unexpected expenses and survive financial emergencies

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