If you’re desperate to make money… online business can either be your best friend or worst nightmare. In this video, I tell you what to do if you are desperate to make money. Warning – this video is not for every one. It will be a big wake up call for a lot of you Deadbeats out there! P.S: the cash used in the beginning of this video is 100% fake movie prop money.

So the way I look at desperation is that there are 2 types of desperation. The “Good desperation” can fuel you to be successful, while “bad desperation” can cause you to fail at online business.

Example of “good desperation”:

Let’s say you finished high school but never went to college.

You took remedial jobs to get by…

Suddenly you realize your life won’t get any better unless you do something about it.

Unless you get up on your own feet and make things happen yourself.

These are the types of people that do well in starting their own businesses online simply because there is no other option.

The other end of the spectrum is “bad desperation”:

If you want to make money online, you cannot be desperate for money.

If you are $50 away from being broke and not being able to pay your rent, I’m going to be honest with you and say making money with an online business probably isn’t your way out right now.

First you need to get your affairs in order. Get stable. Bankroll at least $1000 in cash, and have your expenses under control.

Once you’re in a stable state of mind, THEN consider starting your affiliate marketing business.

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