After having successfully and consistently created several profitable online businesses, this book has all the experience and ingredients that will help you achieve the same. The steps that’ll help you build an online business, and fast. Think for a moment – what if you no longer needed to commute to work? What if you could get up, have a shower and stay at home for a productive day of work? What if you could do that every day and you earned more money than a regular job? The choice is obvious. I made it and haven’t looked back since. Now I’ve laid out a detailed plan that anyone can follow and achieve exactly what I (and many others) have been enjoying for the past 5 years. “How to Start an Online Business” is the secret blueprint for you to have your first home-based internet business that will bring you thousands of dollars. This is not a sales pitch sentence – this is fact. As with anything that is worth it in this life, this reality has a price that must be paid: commitment, study, and work. A small price compared to having a soul-killer job, if you ask my opinion. Freedom and success feels better than professional slavery. Unlock the secrets of that path with this book. That is my promise to you.

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