Have you ever dreamt of earning money while you sleep? You may have read about some of the success stories and quite possibly have dismissed them as a scam. However, making money without physically working is possible! A passive income is any source of income which is received without any physical effort on your part. In fact, most forms of passive income require a large amount of work at the start of the project and will need some upkeep for as long as you continue with the income stream. It is actually passive for much of the time as once it has all been established the amount of time you would need to commit to maintaining your income is minimal. Passive income is not a new concept, it has been established for many years in the physical world, investing in shares or real estate can provide a good income if handled properly for very little work, although it does need planning and some effort at the start! This book describes in more detail what passive income is and the main types of passive income which can be generated via the internet. The book covers the most well known income streams and provides information on what they are and how to establish your own version of these passive incomes. There are also several tips listed to assist you in planning and implementing any passive income stream. The biggest lesson, which is repeated in the book, is that you must be prepared to put the effort in at the start to reap the rewards later. Anyone can start an online business, the majority of these business ideas and ventures can be started with little or no expenditure; the only requirement is a computer and a little knowledge of how to access the internet. The rest can be learnt from this book or by using the services of another professional who is making a living via the power of the internet! The only limit on your business venture and potential earnings is your imagination! Start a side venture now and watch it slowly build into a self supporting income stream. You may not be able to quit your job tomorrow but follow the guidance in this book and you will be well on your way to earning a passive income. You can take charge of your future if you act today!

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