Many legitimate home-based jobs and projects can be found online, but trustworthy guidance is scarce. Worse, with a 56-to-1 scam ratio in work-at-home ads, the terrain is a minefield of fraud. Nevertheless, customer service agents, researchers, test scorers, tutors, writers, and concierges are just a few of the many people regularly hired to work from home. A growing number of Fortune 500 companies, including UnitedHealth Group, American Express, and Northrop Grumman, also hire home-based personnel. In Work at Home Now, you’ll learn: * The top insider tips on good and bad Google search terms. * How to find the needles in the haystack on Craigslist, Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, and other big sites. * Where the real jobs for mystery shoppers, transcriptionists, and similar part-time specialties can be found. * Scam-spotting tips that even law enforcement doesn’t know. Including interviews with hiring managers and successfu

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