Isn”t 2018 The Time to Start Living Your Dream? “This is not just another ”how to” book. From the first sentence, Steven T. Chapman connects with the reader in a blunt, honest, often hilarious way. His words entertain, and the advice is spot on regardless of your age or where you are in life. If you want to live outside the normal 9-5, this book is for you!” Casey L Are you tired of helping others build their dreams (aka, working at a j-o-b)? Maybe your employment is fulfilling enough, but you need more money to keep up with the bills? Or perhaps your goal is to be free to do what you want, where you want, but you need a new income source to fund this vision of a great life? Good news! Not only am I living a life freedom, working where I choose, I can also show you how to get there! I haven”t had a brick-and-mortar j-o-b in a decade. Even better, I travel full time while working remotely. There is a world beyond traditional employment, and it”s available to anyone in nearly any profession anywhere. In fact, there is an entire culture of people like me, living where we want and still making a good living. I want to share the secrets of how you can break free and create the life you desire and deserve. Doesn”t that sound more fulfilling than helping a company reach their goals while you delay achieving your own? I”m living my dream. I travel, explore, indulge myself, and have plenty of money to enjoy what I want when I want. Oh, and I work in sweatpants (or shorts, if living on the beach). Let me show you how to do the same. Do I have some magical wand? Is this a get-rich-quick scheme? No and No. Working remotely, whether for a company or yourself, is still work. It takes effort and discipline. And money won”t flood into your bank account overnight. But, it”s no more difficult than what you”re currently doing. In fact, the process is pretty simple. In this book, you”ll hear a bit about how I came to be a full-time traveler. You”ll also learn 16 proven, practical ideas to generate income no matter where you live. The best part of this book? It”s jammed-packed with hundreds of resources and links for you to begin your journey. Do you want to remain in the corporate world, but desire to work, full time from home? My book has 111 companies seeking remote employees just like you. You”ll also find 91 job boards specifically for those who want to work from home. I”ll even also show you 4 great ways to make money while you”re sleeping! Each chapter goes straight to the point: What is the home business idea? Is the market growing? How much can you make each year? How do you start this business or job? What training or tools are necessary? Where can you find the resources necessary to get started today? In other words, you”ll get the exact information you need to begin living the life you deserve, without a bunch of fluff and filler content. I”m nothing special, yet I travel the globe, earn a nice living, exist as I choose, and have freedom. If I can do it, you sure as heck can. And I”ll show you how. It boils down to a simple question. What kind of life do you want? Will you be happy to continue waking up every morning and crawling through traffic to a j-o-b that, at best, you tolerate? Or do you desire to wake up in the location of your choosing, ready to make money while enjoying the life you”ve always imagined? How do you start? Buy the book, Break the Chains! How to Work from Home, Make Money Online, & Profit While You Sleep. I”m confident this small purchase will be one of the best things you”ve ever done. keywords: work from home, home based business, make money, make money from home, make money online, online business, small business, start a business,

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