I’m here on my farm…

And I’m launching my new e-commerce business. Stay tuned for updates.

To learn the exact steps I’m taking to:

– Choose a niche
– Build a website
– Tell a Brand Story
– Get a ton of page views
– Use social media to acquire customers
– Find influencers to promote my products
– (And much more)

…look no further than my brand new program, E-commerce Blueprint.

See the full details here:


E-commerce is the future of business.

Toys “R” Us, Kmart, and Sears are shutting down because they didn’t catch the trend of online sales.

Now they’re paying the price…

Guess who’s taking their place?

Entrepreneurs armed with nothing more than a laptop and the internet!

That’s literally all it takes to start an e-commerce business.

Me and other e-commerce mentors are teaching how to do just that in the E-commerce Blueprint.

Many of the people who’ve joined so far are seeing insane results.

Check them out here:


To help out with the cost, I’m offering partial scholarships for people who join today.

Because it’d be unfair for me to offer this forever, it’s only available for a limited time.

Anyone selling online can benefit from my E-commerce Blueprint.


– New entrepreneurs getting started
– Experienced entrepreneurs who already have customers
– Brick and mortar stores that need help catching up with trends
– Dropshippers
– Private labelers
– Box subscription businesses
– And anyone else who wants to learn online sales

Don’t procrastinate on this…

For the next week only, I’m offering a chance to join at a reduced price.

Claim a partial scholarship now:


Stay Strong,
Tai Lopez

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