Paul Friar’s “33 Ways To Make Money Online” combines multiple online lists of various methods of earning an income online, and removes the least interesting and least lucrative, leaving in place only the potentially best and most exciting methods of earning cash online. The resulting book is as much an inspirational read of tales of success likely to motivate the reader into discovering their own subtle variations of the methods described in the book, as it is a direct blueprint of success. Where appropriate useful websites have been included in the book to facilitate the reader in developing their own ways of making money online, however it has to be said that once the basic premise of each item in the list has been explained, the reader will be capable of discovering and creating their own tools to proceed onwards and achieve their own level of success. As with all things you can only achieve anything by applying a satisfactory level of effort to it, but provided you do so you will almost certainly find that which you require in this book. Paul Friar has only included items that he finds to be so potentially useful to making a living online, that he is willing to try them out himself – indeed in the case of many of them he was in the process of trying them whilst writing the book, and his results can be read as he publishes them on his own website. Indeed the main reason this book was created was because of his desire to find interesting ways to make money online, his research later becoming the book “33 Ways To Make Money Online.”

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