क्या आप गाँव या शहर में बैठकर यह सोच रहे हैं कि कम पैसों से Online Business start कर करोड़ों रूपए कैसे कमाए जा सकते हैं ? आज इस जोश टॉक के द्वारा प्रिया जी, जो Super India Emporium की मालकिन है, वो आपको कम पैसे से करोड़ों का business करने की सलाह देंगी |
प्रिया जी के पिता चल बसे थे, जब उनकी बहुत छोटी उम्र थी | वह दिल्ली आयी, उन्होंने अपनी education ख़त्म की, और job करने लग गयी | परन्तु फिर उनकी शादी हो गयी, और वह दिल्ली जैसे बड़े शहर से पानीपत के छोटे गाँव में पहुँच गई | यहाँ बड़े शहरों जैसी व्यवस्था नहीं थी और उनके ससुराल वालों ने उन्हें जॉब करने से मना कर दिया | तब किसी ने उन्हें सलाह दी कि उन्हें online business करना चाहिए | उन्होंने अपने products online बेचने शुरू कर दिए और कुछ ही समय में उन्हें profits मिलने लगे |
आज वो entrepreneurs के लिए एक मिसाल है | उनका यह मानना है कि चाहे आप गाँव में हो या शहर में, आपने पढ़ाई की हो या नहीं, आपके पास शुरुआत में business start करने के liye बहुत पैसे नहीं भी हो, तो भी आप अपनी मेहनत से online products बेच के पैसे कमा सकते हैं |
देखिये प्रिया जी की जोश टॉक्स और जानिये Successful Online Business बनाने के सबसे Important Tips |

Wondering how to start an online business & make crores of money without a lot of investment? Whether you are in a village or town, whether you have a degree or not, whether you can invest a lot of money initially or not,
Priya from Super Emporium India believes that you can make money and run a profitable business if you sell products online.
Super India Emporium is a one-stop shop for bed linen, curtains, carpets, and a wide range of other home textiles online and their products are available on e-commerce sites like Amazon.
Priya lost her father when she was young and was living in a small town. She migrated to Delhi to complete her education and was comfortably doing a job in the field of ayurvedic and medicine. She got married and then relocated to a village in Panipat. Her world had changed. She did not have the same facilities that she had in Delhi and lost her job. Her in-laws wanted her to not work and wanted her to take care of the house and give birth to a baby.
She, however, told them, that she has completed her education to work and make a mark.
Her husband suggested her to start an online business and sell products online to make money. She, with the help of her husband, started showcasing products on Amazon and she instantly started earning money.
She says that at one time, they would think of just earning crores of money, and now she is so happy that her dreams have come true. Her company has a turnover of over 6 crores and her success story is proof that women can do whatever they want.
Priya stresses the fact that women should work and become financially independent.
She is a role model and mentor to many other women who want to start an online business and build a successful business.
She helps other women with profitable business ideas. She believes that everyone should leverage the power of the internet to build a successful business and should not worry about not having enough education or initial investment or gadgets like expensive laptops. They should work hard, sell quality products and their efforts will be recognised.

Watch her Josh Talk that will provide you with all the business motivation you need to start and build a successful online business.

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