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Hey everyone, it’s Neil Patel here for another Q&A Thursday video. I’m here with Adam LaDolce from

This is from Dr. Brian Thomason and he says, I’m in the process of creating a digital product while keeping my brick and mortar business floating. A lot of the time I feel divided between the two. I feel like I’m moving at a snail’s pace due to distraction.

You’re spread thin, you got a business that’s making you your money, but you know it’s not your long-term vision because if you’re in a brick and mortar business, you’re trying to create some sort of digital product, it’s probably because you’re not happy with your brick and mortar business and you wanna move away or you don’t see the future there. If that’s not the case and I’m wrong, please let me know, leave a comment.

Brick and mortar business, everyone thinks brick and mortar’s over, it’s not fancy, it doesn’t work anymore, it works. But if you don’t think your brick and mortar is the future and you don’t like it, by all means, create that digital product. I can’t tell you what to do if you feel you’re spread thin and you don’t have enough time, because you know what? The chances are you have time. You’re making time for TV, making time for friends, making time drinking and eating out. If you really believe in something, you can figure out time.

So just go and put in the extra effort. If you don’t want to and you have the cash, go and hire people to help you out, whether it’s interns, young people who’ve done digital products, spend the money, hire quality people, whatever it is. But the excuse of, there’s this divide, you don’t know where to spend your time? If you think something in the future, spend it on there, but if you need to keep running your brick and mortar business so you have the income, by all means, keep doing that. But you can’t make an excuse that there’s not enough time, because you know what? There really is, it’s just a question of are you willing to make the time? If you don’t have the time, start using apps like RescueTime where it’ll tell you where you’re wasting time, how you can be more efficient so you can get more of the important stuff done that you want in life, done.

The other thing too is if you believe the future’s in the digital product but you don’t have enough time to write a book, Adam mentioned create a video. But here’s another trick. If you wanna spend more time on the digital and not the brick and mortar business, why don’t you just make a landing page, sell the digital product, say it’s gonna launch soon. You’ll have the income coming in, that’ll buy you some time so then once the income comes in, you can focus a lot less on your brick and mortar business and then start creating the digital product business. There are so many different ways to accomplish this, you just have to get creative.

I sold over a half a million dollars of my book before it even came out. And I understand you guys are gonna say, oh it’s because you have a brand, you’ve done all this stuff, sure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sell 10 grand, you can start at somewhere. You don’t have to sell a half a million dollars’ worth. You can sell something. So that’s it for this week’s Q&A Thursday video. Hopefully, I didn’t demoralize you. I believe in you, Doctor, I forgot his name.

Dr. Brian Thomason, you’re awesome, you’re amazing, I believe in you, keep pushing forward. You can figure this out, you’re smart, you’re a doctor, you’re smarter than I am. Thank you for watching. If you want your question answered in next week’s Q&A Thursday video, leave a comment below. I’ll do my best to answer on our next week’s video. Either way, I’ll at least respond to your question and answer it there in the comments, and of course, like, comment, share, subscribe. Thank you very much.