Earn a Healthy Living as a Personal Trainer Personal training is an exciting industry to be in right now! Starting a personal training business can offer a satisfying combination of financial reward, a flexible schedule, and a career where you can make a profound difference in the lives of others. As skilled personal trainer, having good business knowledge and judgment can be the first step to earning a substantial income. In this revised guide, our experts teach you the nuts and bolts of starting a business, including everything from writing a business plan to finding a profitable niche. From boutique studios to partnerships with schools and private trainers, this book will help get you started on the right foot. You ll learn how to: Create a business plan that gets you funded and helps you grow Examine potential client markets, find your niche, and set yourself apart Establish your business, define your services, and set prices that maximize profits Develop a marketing strategy that gains fans and turns them into customers Calculate the cost of doing business and managing your finances Hire employees as your business grows Plus, gain insights, tips, and hard-earned advice from successful trainers along the way. Whether you want to run a solo-operation or an exercise studio employing other trainersyou have the tools to succeed right in your hands.”

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