My Friends Laughed When I Told Them I Was Going to Quit My Job as a Plumber to Start an Internet Business from Home! Now I’m the One Laughing…All the Way to the Bank! Hi, my name is Mike. Just a few years ago, I was working as a plumber. It’s a good job, but I was sick of coming home filthy every night…and my wife was sick of it too. Today, while I wouldn’t consider myself a computer genius, I do have my own successful Internet business. I work my own hours from the comfort of my own home. And the really exciting part is that I make more money than those people who laughed at my dream of making it happen. By the time you read this book and put my 30-day plan into action, you’ll be experiencing something similar! I know how bad you want it… More time, more money, and more freedom. And I want to help you! That’s why I wrote this book! I’ve got a system that works. No hype, no bull. It’s not glamorous, but it’s simple and easy-to-follow. Do what I tell you and here’s what you can expect: -More time to spend with your family (or doing anything you want!) -A system where you do the work once…and get paid again and again! -Money in your bank account…deposited automatically, every month! This book contains everything you need to get started. I break it all down into a simple, easy-to-follow “recipe.” Have you ever baked cookies? If you can followa recipe like that, you can follow my “recipe” to make money online! About the Author: In 2002, Mike Stapleton quit his job as a plumber to earn a full-time living online. This is his first book, which gives the exact system he used to start his online business. For more information about Mike and this book, visit:

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