Want to be your own boss? Live independently? Take a more active role in managing your money? That’s what a trading business can mean for you — money, independence, and complete control over your finances. But without the proper education, about 90% of people will fail. That’s why this book is essential to your trading success.Jean Folger and Lee Leibfarth present an organized, top to bottom look at what it means to start, run, and ultimately succeed at the business of trading. As active traders with over 15 years of teaching and coaching experience, Jean and Lee wrote this book specifically to give you unlimited access to all the tools and skills necessary to becoming a profitable, self-sufficient trader. Inside this book, you’ll find information that will turn you from a spectator to a full-time pro! ”Gold mines and pitfalls of the Business of Trading: – Learn what makes the markets tick to find your next big win, – Essential risk management techniques to protect your gains, – And detailed information on how technology can be your greatest asset–and make your life easier! ”How traders predict the markets: – Explore the tenets of technical analysis – Discover how to read the charts more accurately – Confidently pinpoint the highest probability trades–and profit ” Secrets of disciplined trading: – Discover the secrets to developing, testing, and building a successful trading plan that fits your personal style – Use these crucial tips on backtesting, optimization, and evaluation to enhance your trading performance Don’t risk your money reinventing the wheel. Every detail you need to start or refine your trading business is in this book. Packed with of examples, downloadable code, and worksheets, Make Money Trading is the ultimate resource for creating a winning trading business. Come discover what Jean and Lee already knowthe joys of being an independent trader.

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