How to Make Money Online Selling on EBay Introduction Chapter 1: Sign Up With EBay Chapter 2: Deciding the kind of products to sell 1. Choose the product that you are most comfortable with. 2. Don’t concentrate in one product category on EBay. 3. Do your research to identify the numbers of your competitors and to identify the demand of your product Chapter 3: The Best Places to Buy Your Products 1. Check the old and unused stuff in your house. 2. Go to the flea markets and look cool products 4. Look for garage sales 5. Visit thrift stores and turn pennies into paper cash 6. Shop in stores, malls, and other places when there is a sale 7. Find some wholesalers online Chapter 4: Deciding on the pricing and shipping costs 1. Make a profit right after you purchased your item. 2. Don’t be too greedy in pricing. 3. Choose your courier well that will suit the customers’ shipping cost. 4. Learn when to use auction and buy now options on EBay 5. Make your own promo and other tricks. 6. Register with Paypal Chapter 5: The Factors to Consider When Listing Your Products 1. Have a clear and presentable picture of your product 2. Write the details and specifications of your product in an organized way. 3. Observe the most appropriate time for your listing to start and end. Conclusion Introduction EBay is a good source of income for people like you who are looking for ways to fund other businesses or just add some income to your family. One thing that makes EBay different is because it is flexible in its nature. It also gives great potential for those serious sellers who want to have a larger amount of monthly online income. But as a starter, it is a very practical business venture that you can start with. One good reason for this is that you can earn money even from used and things that you may think of as garbage in your house. Garbage in the sense that you can find some old items or things that you don’t use anymore. And you will be surprised that one day somebody will bid on that weird and old stuff in your house. Yeah, that is very possible. So, you can’t really tell which item that will really give you some bucks. EBay is worth trying and many people fall in love with the process of turning things into cash. Moreover, there are many surprises that EBay can offer in your entrepreneurial journey. What you just need to do is to make up your mind and learn the ways to get started. Selling on EBay does not take a lot of work. The technicalities are so easy to follow and learn. Of course, there are some techniques that can make selling easier and faster. So, for you to do this, what you need to do is to 1. Sign up 2. Choose the niches of your products 3. Know where to buy your products 4. Know your competition 5. Know the demand of the product that you are selling 6. Learn how to carefully choose buyer keywords in your listing 7. Learn how to decide the pricing and shipping 8. Learn about the factors to consider when listing your products All these things will really help you in the EBay business. Knowledge is so powerful when you are using its maximum capacity. And with great entrepreneurial spirit, it is possible that you can earn not only $500 but more than that amount. Actually, there are a lot of people who make EBay their full time job because they find it very promising. EBay is a great tool for people who have the passion of selling things for profit. So, if you will use your maximum effort and whole capacity; then it is no doubt that you can join those power sellers on EBay who make thousands of dollars already. Well, you will never know unless you try. Keep yourself motivated as you will continue reading. Because you will uncover those eight things that you need to learn in order to know what you are really doing on EBay. Once you mastered the skills needed for these things, you can make a lot of money on a regular basis.

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