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Hi friends! Today I’m walking you through the beginning stages of how to start an online business in one month! Today is week 1, where we talk all about deciding what business to start, creating your vision and goals, and who you’re going to sell to and target. Making money online and starting an online business is easier than ever in 2019. All the resources you could ever need are right on your laptop, but it does take an incredible amount of determination and willpower to see something through! I hope you guys got something from this video and I’ll see you next week for part 2!


Day 1: Choose a business idea
Obviously this may require more than a day, but if you take my mini course it will help you analyze your passions and combine them with a niche that you can sell or market your product/service to!

Day 2: Craft Vision and Goals
Make a list of your ideal day/life. What does it involve? How much money do you need to fund this lifestyle? How long will it take you?

Day 3: Run the Numbers
Depending on if you need marketing, software, a mentor/mastermind group, an online course to teach you, run the numbers to find out exactly how much it will cost you and budget out accordingly. If you never take a chance, your life will stay the same potentially forever! You are worth chasing your dreams and making them happen!

Day 4: Identify Your Target Market
People buy solutions, which means you’ll need to know what problem they need to be solved. My mini course goes over how to research specific niches to see if they are valid and how many people are in them. You need a large enough audience to sell to before investing!

Day 5: Develop Your USP
How will you set yourself apart from the competition? Right down 5 of your top competitors and see how you can differentiate yourself.

Day 6: Create a Business Name
It should be vague enough to mold with yourself over time. Make sure it’s not already taken or trademarked. Also, check that you can buy the domain name, and if it’s available, buy it along with social media.

Day 7: Make a Business Plan
If you plan for nothing, you plan to fail. Work your goals backwards!


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Hi Friends and welcome back to my channel! A little bit about my journey…

A few years ago I started my YouTube channel where I documented my life as a new wife then shortly after I became a first time Mom to my now 2 year old girl Annabelle. Since starting my channel a few years ago, my husband and I have had our second baby Scarlett and have also started several online businesses that have allowed us to stay at home with our two girls and work as a family online. My channel’s main goal is to share snippets of our life as a work from home Mom while offering inspiration to other fellow mompreneurs looking to make money online from home to create financial freedom for themselves and their families! Thank you for watching and joining us on this journey!