My online business income currently comes through personalized professional projects for a range of clients. But in the past, I’ve discussed how I’d like to head towards product development.

This doesn’t mean an income based on project by project is bad, it’s just not where I want to steer my future cash flow.

My goal is to build a health technology company which focuses on the problem of personalized nutrition, to help answer the question, ‘What should I eat?’. How? I’m not sure yet. But I have a feeling I’ll be combining my knowledge of nutrition and machine learning.

However, my actions haven’t been following my words. I’ve been dancing around the problem rather than moving towards it. This is called signalling. Talking about something more than doing it.

To build Nutrify (the name I’m playing with), I’ll need more cash than what I have on hand now. This means I’ll be spending the rest of the year creating a more stable cash flow to support my venture.

The takeaways?

1. Stop signalling, start making.
2. Move towards a scalable business model (through code and media products), large businesses are as hard to build as small businesses.

Stay tuned for more.

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