Have you been working for a company all your life? Doesn’t it really suck to always enrich someone else? Sure, you get a salary or some form of pay each month. But, every day, you get up, do the same thing. You sit in traffic, work among people you really don’t want to be around, have a boss breathing down your neck all the time and they’re ungrateful, thinking that you’ll do anything to keep your job. The constant threats, the pressure, and you’re just a number!!! Then you go home, your partner has had the same crappy day, and you’re both at each other’s throats because of all the pressure.Tomorrow you do the same thing, over and over, till you die. Do you call that a life, do you call that living?I gave up that lifestyle back in 2010. I was pushed out of a corporate environment and had a choice, go look for another job, or go my own way.I decided to go my own way.I immediately got online and started looking for ideas to make money on my own. I found the internet to be a treasure trove of information. The only problem was, everyone had different opinions and everyone wanted to make a quick buck off the needy people who wanted to make money online.Granted, there are places you can go online and get really good advice, but everyone wants money in return for his or her efforts. I get it. If you want to get good information that’s actually valid and not just rehashed crap, then you should be willing to pay for it.This eBook is about a framework you can use to create your own online business, starting from scratch. I show you how to take that idea you have in your head and turn it into a business.Here is the process, it’s simple. Take your idea> do market research> Determine if it’s profitable enough> Figure out if it’s better to make it, have it made, or promote someone else’s product > do keyword research and build your keyword list > Register your business > Register your domain > Install WordPress > Create content > Build Automation into your business > Marketing your Business > Repeat the process and build more Blog businesses.This eBook is just the basic framework for building a Blog business. I will be creating more eBooks that deal with specific aspects of blogging and marketing. Upcoming releases will target specific niche products. They will include questions people ask, Demographics to target, keywords to target, locations to target and when’s the best time to market these products. Within the eBook, I mention things like marketing and automation. I specifically didn’t go into depth on any of these topics. In the near future, I will be creating other eBooks that will go into detail on these topics, so that you can buy these accompanying eBooks and any bundles that I create, to really ramp up your business building skills.Email marketing, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Bots are topics that are of great interest to me. Email marketing is part of the automation processes I will write about in the near future.Bots are the new email. their conversion rates are almost 3 times better than email. WhatsApp is a channel I really want o play with. OF all the social media channels, I think this is one channel that needs more attention.I am busy creating a course related to this eBook. In the course, you can watch short videos detailing each step of the process. Each chapter of the Ebook is broken into bite sized bits of information you can implement immediately, so that you can start the business building process at any time.Lots of people start businesses in a weekend and work on them as they get the time to do so. In upcoming eBooks, I will give you a plan to do so too.I really hope you take the time to digest what you read here and take action. Your life won’t change until you take action and do something to make the changes you want to see in your life.Make notes, take action and change your life.

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