Online Business That You Can Start Right Away in Kenya

Everyone wants to start their own business. Its the way to become independent. These are some online businesses that you can start right away in Kenya in order to make money online.

Online business in Kenya is relatively new and it is quite an exciting topic for me to cover for you.

I cover the following online business ideas:

1. Start a Blog. A blog is basically an online article that you write on a particular topic. In order to start making money using your blog, you need to place affiliate links.

An affiliate link is defined as a specific URL that contains an affiliate username or affiliate ID. It directs someone to a merchant site, where they will purchase a commodity or perform a given action.

The affiliate (who sent the buyer to the merchant site) gets a commission. On the other hand, you can monetize your blog using AdSense. This means that you open up your blog posts and pages to have adverts.

Companies pay Google for a chance to feature their adverts on your page. A portion of the ad expenditure is retained by Google, and they also pay you for either the number of times an advert was seen or for the number of times the advert was clicked by your viewers.

Every website must have a website hosting site. The price per year for hosting depends on the size of your site. Good hosting sites include:



What is Google Adsense:

2. Freelance Business. A freelancer is a person who trades their work or services, per day, or hour, or per project rather than for one employer, for a weekly or monthly pay. Typically, freelancers do one project for someone, and then bid for another job and complete that as well, and the cycle continues.

Freelancing means that you work for different clients depending on your expertise. You can be a writer, video game designer, graphic artiste, copywriter, etc. Good sites that you can great work include: Up work and Fiverr

3. Social Media Management. With the growing popularity of social media, young people are on the forefront in terms of use and understanding of the different platforms. However, there are some people who have no idea how to use the different social sites. Business owners may not be sure how to leverage a social media site to grow their site. You can approach a business and offer to manage their social media. This can be posting content, creating content, placing ads as well as ads analysis and reporting. You can take several clients up and start making money regularly. You can have an auto scheduler of posts. This will assist you to make sure that you post regularly.
4. Sale of items online. You can get items at a good price at an offline shop, then advertise on your Facebook profile or page. All you need to do is to take a decent image of the items and place a good price that will at least give you some good profit. This is a repetitive process, until you can be able to afford to import items from outside the country using sites such as AliExpress.


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