All of us have a “normal;” a way of living and thinking that is routine and defines our comfort zone. In that zone, we are confident, knowing how to make a living and be successful. But “new normals” seem to come out of left field, beyond our control, and radically disrupt our way of living and doing business. In this powerful book, Leadership Performance and Business Coach, Jeff Orr, not only reveals how to recognize when your old normal is gone but gives specific strategies to fully engage and succeed in the new normal. What Others Are Saying: Jeff’s insight into recognizing how “waiting for things to get back to normal” stops achievement professionally and personally, is something everyone can relate to. With the practical tools found in this book, professionals of all levels can be empowered to fully engage their new normal and achieve new levels of success. ~ Johnnie Johnson, President and CEO, World Class Coaches The strategies in this book help you focus on what’s really important in business and life. The chapter on identifying the core values that make your personal life and business unique, make this book a valuable resource you can’t be without! ~ Dr. Christopher Bonin, Total Lifestyle Chiropractic

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