What readers are saying about “How to Buy Stocks Online” “It’s clear enough for beginners, but advanced at the same time. For example, she talks about beta and volatility very clearly. I love finding gems, and this is one. It’s more than worth the cost.” — William A. Bailey “Thankfully a friend suggested this book to me because IT HELPED! The book is filled with all sorts of good info written in an easy to understand way. The book also contains website links with additional resources online. I would recommend this book for ANYONE who is interested in the exciting world of online stock trading.” — Josh Yochem “I really liked the fact that even though she is an investment advisor herself, she never once tries to sell the reader on her company or her services. That’s a rarity in the financial services business these days.” — J. Hutchins “The author managed to use plain language that everybody understands to explain investment concepts. But even for more seasoned investors there are things that you could takeaway.” — Daniel Chang “This by far was the easiest stock guide book for beginners I’ve ever seen. I regret the money spent on prior works and my only complaint is that wasn’t brought to my attention sooner.” — The Rambling Reviewer “How to Buy Stocks Online” provides an unprecedented level of practical stock investing guidance in language that you don’t need a PhD to understand. The author, Michelle Price, is a Rice and Stanford-educated investment advisor. She started and runs Price Capital LLC, a Registered Investment Advisory firm in New York City. Michelle clearly explains professional investment techniques. She also created a free workbook that you can download at the Modern Wealth Media website. As you read, you will: Write a personal financial plan Research stocks using free online sources Build a portfolio by analyzing risk and historical return in Excel Find the annual portfolio return that you need to hit your goals Set up an account with an online discount broker Plan when to buy and when to sell using Excel and technical signals Sharpen your skills for finding stocks You will immediately understand how to buy stocks online with this book.

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