The 3 Types Of Content Required For A Successful Online Business!

It doesn’t matter if you sell coaching, physical products, courses or affiliate products, you MUST have these 3 types of content in your greater content marketing strategy!!!

If you don’t have a clear content marketing strategy, this needs to be your #1 priority in your business right now. I reveal my most up-to-date content marketing strategy in this video here:

For help with your broader marketing strategy, watch this video:

If you are blogging, be sure to check out my ‘how to write SEO content fast’ video – It may be one of the most valuable videos I’ve ever produced for bloggers and WordPress based marketers.

In the video I ran with a common riff about why social media marketing is NOT ENOUGH. You need to have a search engine marketing strategy and SEO strategy, too.

This video goes deeper into the differences between search engine marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) :

Other links mentioned in the video…

My free course:

My inner circle:

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