In this video I share the 3 best and most useful books for how to get started with an online business, how to have more free time to do what you love and stop trading time for money. I know you’re going to love the actionable techniques in this video.

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With that, here’s a preview of what I cover in today’s video….
First off, I introduce one of the best known books in the Online Marketing world. It was first recommended to me by my mentor and one which I carry with me time and time (and time) again!

To get a FREE copy of Dotcom Secrets (just pay shipping) take a look here:

Next, I’l share one of the most useful books to get other people to work for you – so you can spend more time doing the things you are best at, you enjoy and will bring in the most money for your business.

To get a copy of Life Leverage, by Rob Moore of Progressive Property, take a look here:

Finally, I’ll share the second book I read about building an online business – The 4 Hour Work Week. This is Tim Ferriss’ first book – and one of my personal favourites.

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Now I consume most content from Tim Ferriss via his podcast – here’s a link to that too below:

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