Are you ready to change your life and your lifestyle by becoming a virtual assistant? You might have seen ads or heard of someone who was working as a VA and wondered if you could do the same. You can! I wrote this book to teach you all you need to know to start your own VA business. By sharing my own experiences and insights, you will save months or even years trying to figure everything out on your own!I first became a virtual assistant while working remotely for my employer. After only a few months of being a VA, my employer sent out new contracts for the year. I had to make a decision then for the upcoming year. Suddenly my lifelong philosophy of “I will never own my own business” didn’t seem like such a bad idea. If I could do what I was doing for my employer, couldn’t I do it for myself?With little thought, no business plan, no knowledge of how to run a business, and-crazy enough-no fear, I sent the contract back to my employer-unsigned.I told my employer I felt this was my opportunity, and I had to take it. It was now or never. He understood and was supportive. I finished out my contract and then I was officially on my own. There was one big problem. Where do I find my clients? The question virtual assistants ask the most, second only to “How do I get rid of this client?”Sadly, not all VAs make it through the first year and some are never able to do more than keep it as a side gig ultimately working two jobs. Throughout this book I will answer the most asked questions, including the questions you don’t know you need to ask. I will take you from where you are now to owning a successful virtual assistant business in the least amount of time, spending the least amount of money, and get you to your first client quickly. You’ll learn how to grow, scale, and reach elite VA status generating income through several different sources all without being chained to a desk.I never had a problem getting a job in my life. Somehow I thought gaining clients would be as simple. I would prove myself wrong. That one problem led to so many others questions that I couldn’t answer. And I quickly realized no one could help me. All the mentors, coaches, and guides didn’t understand where I was coming from. They had never been an administrative professional. They were not familiar with the mindset of an admin, so they didn’t know how to transition my skills to the virtual assistance world.Through trial and error, I learned to weave business principles into the mindset and service-based world of virtual assistance. I figured out how to do what I do best, how to get paid what I’m worth, and how to enjoy the life of being a business owner. I ditched the traditional 9 to 5 job and made my own rules. Being a VA isn’t simply about doing the work of an assistant; it is understanding the business side of business.Consider this book your roadmap. I wish someone had given me one! This roadmap will provide you a foundation on which to build your VA business. You will be able to take the principles and guides in this book and personalize them to your own business. While the process won’t be linear, each step will reveal another opportunity.I’ll share what others won’t tell you. They can’t. They don’t know. I have the unique perspective of matching clients with VAs and consulting others, answering all their questions, listening to what they are looking for and what makes a good virtual assistant. Any VA can make the minimum. You’ll learn how to get the premium clients, how to work with the best of the best. Ultimately, you’ll be able to live out your wildest dreams.BUY THE BOOK NOW! I’ve even included a complimentary workbook to help you through the steps. Don’t wait another moment. Let’s get started now!

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