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What is the best way to get started when you want to start your own online business? Probably eBay dropshipping, because it’s risk-free! You don’t need to pay for advertising while you learn digital marketing and step by step increase your income until you become an e-com monster and a success story! Yeah!

You see, every business including eBay dropshipping requires a plan in order to succeed. So since we all have got a business to run, then like every business we should have a plan to make sure that the “money-making machine” is up and running 24/7, you know what I mean? It’s like a checklist you must go through to make sure everything is still working.

eBay dropshipping is an awesomely easy business to maintain once you set it up correctly. Therefore, we’ve prepared for you a cheat sheet with everything you need to do regularly. We then divided the cheatsheet into 6 pieces and decided to post it in the DSM Tool Facebook group every day from Monday to Saturday at the same hour with the hashtag #dropshipperschallange.

No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, your tasks are pretty much similar. This challenge will help you get into the rhythm, learn to master the skill set you’ve got and learn new things.

Simply show up every day, fulfill the task and comment on it when you’re done. It’s just like success, it is always out there, you just have to show up on time and meet it, and we’re here to help you do that!
You can add a daily reminder to your Google Calendar using this link http://bit.ly/dropshipperschallange-gc

It is 100% free! You don’t even have to use DSM Tool in order to participate, but obviously, we would recommend using it as it has a perfect fit for your success. We do it because we know that your success will result in our success since we truly believe you will choose to use our software to fulfill the tasks!

The only catch is the one in our minds. You might be considering it because you’re not knowing everything right now but I guarantee you that it’s only because you’re not really sure if you can make it. I’m here to tell you that you can do it! 100% percent! If others in the group have made it so can you! The community is ready to welcome you no matter what stage you are in.

? The #dropshipperschallange Weekly Success Plan ?
Below you can find the list of the subjects we are going to cover this week, these are all skills you must learn to master, the first time might take longer than the second and as soon as you grow you will probably outsource the parts you’re not the best at to your workers. But you must master them yourself first:

? Monday ?
✍️ Task: Find what to sell
⛳️ Goal: To find at least 7 products to add to your store this week

? Tuesday ?
✍️ Task: Prepare & Schedule
⛳️ Goal: To prepare and schedule the publishing of the product so it would get published automatically every day from Tuesday to Monday

? Wednesday ?
✍️ Task: Optimize Your Success
⛳️ Goal: To optimize products that don’t perform or remove them from the store.

? Thursday ?
✍️ Task: Expand your network
⛳️ Goal: To learn about the opportunities in the #dropshippers community and find new ways to grow your business as you become an expert.

? Friday ?
✍️ Task: Customer care day
⛳️ Goal: To make sure your customers are all being treated well and no one of them is left behind.

? Saturday ?
✍️ Task: Learning Time
⛳️ Goal: Learn how to expand your business and MAKE MORE MONEY