Are you leveraging the law of attraction in your marketing for your online business? If not, you are chasing away your best customers and don’t even know! This video shows you the trick to get it right!

If you are building a business online, your marketing needs to be created in such a way that it attracts your perfect customer to you.

Most people put out sales message after sales message… Pitch after pitch… And it actually repels customers.

Then there are those who structure their content marketing in alignment with the attraction marketing principals and the seem to effortlessly generate leads and sales.

This video explains what attraction is, what the law of attraction is and how you can leverage both in your online business to generate more leads and more sales.

If you need an example of this, my channel here is perfect. I’ve been using attraction marketing all along and have created a huge audience that is growing at an accelerated rate… Why?

Because I’m using the law of attraction in my content marketing.

So what is the big trick? Well, it is giving to give…

You must put out content that is designed to give value to your target market and your customer avatar without expecting or even asking for them to become a lead or customer.

“But Miles!?! You said I need a funnel?”

Trust me, there is a time and place for you to offer them the opportunity to join you in your online business, but that time is not in every single video!

When you focus on giving for the sake of adding value to their lives you are engaging the law of reciprocation.

They feel more inclined to want to join you in your business, take you up on your free offer because they have experienced the value that you can deliver.

When you structure your content marketing in a way that is trying to ‘get from your target market’ then the opposite happens.

You actually end up repelling your perfect customer and they feel pressured and don’t want to take you up on your offers because there is no trust.

This is not just a new age idea, but a very popular marketing idea… Need proof it works?

Jay Abraham has been using and teaching this method under another name for years… He calls it the strategy of pre-eminence and it is all about giving results in advance…

Here is a video where he explains it:

I have now (with the help of my wife) built two successful personal brands with this method and several highly profitable websites…

All because we’ve focused on leveraging attraction marketing and giving results first, before we ever ask for anything in return.

I suggest you analyze your content marketing efforts and make sure you are leveraging the law of attraction in your business, too!