In the midst of the digital era, people are coming up with creative and successful online business ideas and reaping the benefits of being their own boss. Today we’re talking about the 10 best online business ideas you too can start from home. ✅

1. Start A Blog (1:07)

Whatever you have a passion for, you can start a blog about it. Whether you have a passion for cooking, fashion, or crafting, odds are you’re an expert in something. Starting a blog allows you to share what you know with the world and make money in the process.

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2. Become A Virtual Assistant (2:36)

One of the most popular home business ideas right now is becoming a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant supports business owners in a variety of ways. You get to choose which services you offer based on your unique skillset and what you enjoy doing. Support business owners with email management, social media, scheduling, writing blog posts, customer service, and more.

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3. Facebook Ads Business (3:47)

Businesses are always trying to reach more customers. Many local businesses like coffee shops, gyms, bookstores, and more would love to get more clients or customers but don’t know how. Work with them on Facebook ad campaigns to help them get new customers. They know they need to advertise on Facebook but don’t know how and don’t have the time to learn, which is why they’ll happily pay for your expertise.

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4. Freelance Writing (4:52)

If you enjoy writing, consider starting a freelance writing business. Business owners often pay writers to create unique content for their website. Start by choosing a niche (one you already know a lot about) and create an online portfolio for future clients to see. Freelancers have to prove their worth before landing reliable and high-paying clients, but once you build up your reputation and have trustworthy testimonials under your belt, landing new writing clients gets easier.

5. Social Media Influencer (5:44)

Social media doesn’t have to exist just to pass time. In fact, you can use social media to start an online business! One of the fastest, most efficient ways to grow an audience is to create a YouTube channel and make engaging videos that provide value. Videos can cover everything from crafting or cooking tutorials, to interviews or whiteboard lessons on a topic.

6. Amazon-to-Amazon Arbitrage (7:05)

Sellers use Amazon-to-Amazon arbitrage to create a sustainable online business. This means they use other Amazon sellers to source their own product listings. To get started with this online business, you’ll purchase discount items on Amazon to list on your own storefront and sell at a profit (make sure your list price will cover all expenses such as shipping and listing fees).

7. Social Media Management (8:16)

Every business needs a social media presence. Social media allows businesses to reach a massive audience and connect with their fans or followers in a more personal way. However, business owners might not have enough staff with social media experience to run their accounts for them. You can capitalize on that by working as a social media manager.

8. Online Business Coach (9:03)

If you’ve had success with your online business, you can make even more money coaching others. Sharing your secrets will help others grow their businesses, and other entrepreneurs are willing to pay for your expert advice. Make money with one-on-one coaching, online seminars, trainings or workshops, or even ebooks.

9. Dropshipping Business (10:15)

Dropshipping is the same as selling goods or products at a store but instead, you have an online storefront and manage no inventory. You simply create the product, which can be anything from mugs to t-shirts to coloring books, and offer it for sale on a platform like Amazon or Shopify. When a customer purchases your item, rather than you having to ship or mail it to them from your home, a wholesaler will send it to them instead.

10. Sell On Etsy (11:17)

If you are crafty in any kind of way, you can start your online business by selling on Etsy! With platforms like Etsy, artists, knitters, jewelry-makers and other creatives have a place where they can sell their merchandise. The amount of money you make depends on what you sell, the profit margins, and how much people are willing to pay.

Keep in mind that starting your online business is a lengthy process. And you won’t start out making thousands of dollars each month. But if you put in the work to build a quality and reliable business and market yourself appropriately, you can earn money running your own online business from home.

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