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As a busy mum the greatest achievement for me of learning how to build my online business, is the time freedom and flexibility I now enjoy for my family…

For many, many years I struggled to juggle being a mum whilst working a traditional, full time professional job. I simply needed more time for my family.

After taking a leap of faith and retraining, I’m eternally grateful to the education that’s taught me how to build my online business ‘Wifimums,’ making it possible for me to set my own work schedule and run my business from anywhere in the world, including the comfort of my own sofa!
Carol began her online journey and building ‘Wifimums’ in July 2018 after working a professional and ‘traditional’ 9-5 job for 20 years.

Thankfully, she is now in a position where she has more time freedom to enjoy spending time with her daughters, doing the school runs, cooking relatively edible home cooked meals and runs a business that fits around her families lifestyle.

Carol enjoys providing mentorship and guidance to other mums who are building their online businesses, so that they too may create the life they deserve for their families.

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Carol is a professional affiliate marketer and digital business consultant. This means she gets paid to recommend products and services that she knows, trusts and uses herself. What sets her apart from many other online business systems and coaches is her integrity. As such, she wants you to know where you stand from the start. She also takes your privacy extremely seriously. Please see full disclaimers on her website.