Selling thrifted clothes – Shopping in my stock

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Links to products we use in our business: (Affiliate Links)

Blue trolley we use at boot sales:
Zebra Shipping Label Printer –
Samsung Laser Printer –
Poly Mailing bags 100 x Mixed Sizes (ideal for clothing) –
Poly Mailing bags (Medium) –
Poly Mailing bags (larger size) –
Jiffy bags – Bubble Mailers (DVD size – large letter) –
Larger Jiffy Bags (fit 2 x DVD side by side as a large letter) –
Brown Packing Paper (that I use for wrapping board games) –
High Quality Tape Gun –
Packing Tape (Brown 36 rolls) –
Packing Tape (Clear 36 rolls) –
Black Clingfilm Packing Wrap –
Bubble Wrap (500mm x 100m roll) –
Jiffy foam wrap (500mm x 100m roll) –
Sticky-off Sticker/Labels Remover Liquid (Amazing stuff!) –
Royal Mail Postage Size Guide –
Quality Salter Scales for weighing packages –
Heavy duty weighing scales (up to 200kg)
Ziplock bags for boardgame parts –
White Rollerblind for photography backdrop –
LED Photography lights we use –
The compact light stands we use –
Softbox lighting set up (cheap but effective lights) –
PS1 & PS2 Controller Tester –
Screwdrivers to open Nintendo carts & systems –

Items Andrea uses when reselling clothing:
Mannequin for Clothing Photography –
Clothes Steamer –
Clothes Folder –
Shoe Shapers (For taking quality pictures of shoes) –
De-Bobbler ‘Fuzz-Off’ lint remover –

FBA products we use:

FBA product barcode labels –
Suffocation warning labels –
Quality double wall FBA boxes 20″x20″x20″ –
Large Clear Bags for bagging FBA products 20″x30″ –
Medium Clear FBA Product Bags –
Small Clear FBA Product Bags –
Ziplock Bags For Game Carts & Other Small Items –
Heavy duty weighing scales (for FBA shipments)
Clear Round Seals for Sealing Board Games etc –

Items we use to make our YouTube videos:

GoPro Hero Session compact camera –
Blue Snowball Microphone –
GoPro accessories kit (chest mount/Head mount etc) –