Questions to Answer Before Buying an Online Business – Jaryd Krause Interview (Part 2)
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0:00 Par 2 of Jaryd Krause Interview
1:29 How do I Gain Confidence?
6:07 How Much Should I Spend?
7:00 How do I Look at a Link Profile Correctly?
11:02 Where Should I Focus First?
14:00 Outsourcing
18:00 Does Knowledge Always Matter?
21:46 Is link building necessary?
25:58 Words from Jaryd Krause

In today’s video, we have part 2 with Jaryd Krause, the creator of Buying Online Businesses. For this part of the interview, I take on a scenario where I am a new website buyer and ask Jaryd a ton of questions that newbies ask.

In this video we discuss:
How do I know I should commit?
How do I gain confidence?
How much should I spend?
What should I look out for with the website I want to purchase?
How do I look at a link profile correctly?
Where should I focus first?
Does knowledge always matter?
Is link building necessary?

My name’s Prof. Ron and my goal is to help you create passive income with online businesses and entrepreneurship. I’m not big on hype and won’t promise you overnight success, but I love to introduce people to a lifestyle where they can make money online while working from home. I’m also passionate about personal finance and making more money, so I cover that too!

If you’re interested in learning how to earn money from an online business and then where you can invest that money to make more passive income, this is the channel for you.

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