The Listen Lady

Research should be fun and interesting, not boring and over-complicated. The Listen Lady combines the best of storytelling and market research education to outline the processes, advantages, and disadvantages of social media listening research. Topics include data collection, content analysis, sentiment analysis, and data quality. Written for brand managers, marketing practitioners, and researchers, practical examples are described in plain language to make the technique easily accessible to everyone. Is it a novel? Is it a textbook? Why not both! Join the Listen Lady as she guides her protégé , Crystal, through the rights and wrongs, and the problems and successes of social media research. Crystal has poured every penny she has ever earned into running her own bakery. Unfortunately, without proper guidance, her fledgling business is failing. With barely enough customers to keep the lights on, and not a speck of research knowledge, she must learn the practice of social media research quickly or her dream will melt away. ———————————————————————————- Reviews by Industry Experts ———————————————————————————- Annie has baked a sumptuous cupcake of a story using all the mysterious ingredients of social media to illustrate practical marketing applications that any entrepreneur could understand and apply to make their business more successful. – Cam Davis, Ph.D. @CamDavis48, Managing Director of Social Data Research The book is a lovely, easy read which neatly identifies, lists and extols the key pillars of our Social Media ethics and tops them off with a nice little analytical “cherry.” – Finn Raben, @Finn01, Director General of ESOMAR FANTASTIC! Very clever wording choices, phrases. Imagery is excellent. Crystal is someone I relate to. – Kathryn Korostoff, @ResearchRocks, President of Research Rockstar, Author of How to Hire & Manage Market Research Agencies Annie manages to place a real-world stepwise guide to conducting social media research in a clever fictionalized novel form. This book is great for business and research managers alike. Well worth the read! – Vaughn Mordecai, @Discores, President of Discovery Research Group, Author of The Landmark Blog A sure sign of the times – proof that social media research has come of age, a “how to” book has been written in a light hearted way by no less than our favourite blogger, LoveStats. A “must read” for aspiring social media analysts. – Tessie Ting, @TessieTweets, Co-Founder of Conversition

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