Beginner to £150 Profit Per Day Online – My First Online Business

I Almost… Quit My job..

This is My Story from Complete Beginner, to generating £150 Profit Per Day Online. This video goes into the details behind my first online business and how I started making money online!

If you are just starting out as a newbie to the world of creating additional income streams, side hustles, and online business, then this video is going to be one to watch through to the end!

Link to My Digital Product Discussed in Video

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This business model might not be for everyone…

But as I explain in the video, if you are looking to build an online business and don’t have any money to invest up front to get started, then this is definitely a good option to consider!

I was a complete noob (beginner) when I first started this business and had absolutely no idea on…

– How to build a website to sell products online
– How to rank your store/website on Google for targeted search terms
– How to run digital advertising on facebook/google (didn’t need this in the end)
– How to create a product that people genuinely want to buy
– How to find customers that wanted my product and drive them to my website for FREE!
– How to write convincing ad copy that actually makes people trust and want to buy from you

But after a lot of trial and error, I did figure it out (sort of) and I managed to get to the point were I was bringing people who were interested in my product over to my website for free!

Granted this did take some work, but I’m sure this video will provide some great insight and some potential ideas for anyone looking to increase there SEO (Search Engine Opptimisation) and drive traffic over to there website to generate sales organically!

This really can start to snowball with the right strategy and can become a fairly passive source of income that anyone with some good knowledge and experience in a particular field could potentially create!

The best thing you can do with making money online and any online business in general is really just to get started and give it a go!

The main benefit with a digital product online business like this is that there is a very low up front cost to get started so you don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds on inventory/stock. The profit margins on the products are 90%+ and you can sell them an infinite amount of times!

Plus it gives you a chance to perfect you’re digital marketing and copywriting skills and learn all the basics of running an online business!

Everything from website/store set up, writing SEO friendly blogs for your site, building an email list, finding cheap profitable traffic sources and much much more….

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