How This Yoga Teacher Built a Successful Online Business

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Today we’re breaking down Sarah Beth Yoga’s climb from zero to almost a million YouTube subscribers and a successful online business. Even before she was a yoga teacher Sarah Beth launched her YouTube channel and after some pivotal lessons she began her climb as she discovered how to build a yoga business.

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The Sarah Beth Yoga story will not only share how to make money with yoga and build a yoga business, but also impart practical advice for yoga teachers in need encouragement or ideas to keep moving forward.

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Check Out These Sections Of the Video:
00:00 – Intro
00:46 – Humble Beginnings
01:22 – Starting with Yoga
02:07 – How She Grew
03:06 – 6 Years In
04:06 – Simplifying and Growing Revenue
04:38 – Building a Membership Program
05:02 – A Helpful Resource for You
05:09 – In Her Own Words


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