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“Innovation comes in installment, only innovators with the highest level of patience can do justice to their respective idea which he/she wish to convert into any kind of product.” – Anim Akhtar Ali Khan The book will change the way you currently think about online affiliate marketing, marketing done by top 10 online ad networks globally, how through technology using the Ad Network we can create socio economic impact. Sell Online & Make Money book is the crowning achievement which is achieved by our team lead by me. It took 2 years to complete product which is based on research and survey conducted with thousands of online users worldwide based on current functioning of Ad Networks and what they would love to see in the next big .COM pertaining to Ads. One of the most important aspect was to keep in mind, changing mindset of online users & platforms. The government policies, corporate data policy all were considered before completion of PerPayment will give credibility to small websites who are currently unable show any Ads due to strict Ad Policy of Global Ad Networks. Millions of site owners can make money now without any investment and create socio economic impact in the field of Finance, HR Tech & Business Trust. PerPayment is a genuine effort to bring all websites under one roof to earn money and make a difference to society without any investment. PerPayment provides real time analytics of impressions, clicks and payment received by the Ad Publisher.

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