Kajabi: Online Business Using Kajabi – Day 2 of 31 With Kajabi

Online Business Using Kajabi
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Today we’re going to jump into what online business is all about, and how Kajabi fits into that. Most people might think that online business is just using a platform, creating a product – and all of a sudden you start to make money. Even though many of us wish that was the cause, the reality of running an online business – even with Kajabi – is quite different. That’s why I wanted to make this video, so that you’re coming into your Kajabi experience with the right mindset and the right expectations. Online business is not a hard thing, once you know how the system works and with Kajabi in place, it becomes even easier. I am totally convinced that Kajabi will the best tool in your online business arsenal, but I want you to come into it with the right setup – and that’s what we’re talking about today.

This video is for you if you’re looking to start your online business and you’re interested to see if Kajabi would be the right fit. First of all, the answer is YES! It definitely is the right fit, but I want you to have realistic expectations. Most people start their online business journey not having a clue about how it works and how it runs. In those scenarios, making money online can be very difficult. And if you add Kajabi to the equation, then you might think Kajabi is to blame. But that is not the case my friend, Kajabi is just the tool that allows your online business to come to fruition and to excel into greater areas. You need the system in place first, to allow it to do it’s wonderful work.

Most people think that Kajabi is a pricy alternative, but as we talked about in the previous video, in the long run it is actually going to be cheaper. Because as your business grows, your price stays the same. Kajabi will get you to wherever you want to go, without you paying extra for it. If you choose to start with the cheaper alternatives, you might find that as you reach success, the price tag increases as well – which might not be the way you want to run your business. Why not get started with two weeks of free play with Kajabi and see what you think? Use my link below and I’ll hook you up with my free course “Ready, Set, Kajabi!” that will get you started in the perfect way. Here’s to your own Kajabi journey! See you on the inside!

Time stamps:
0:00 Welcome to the series!
2:00 The step by step strategy
2:44 You need an audience
4:00 Online business takes time
5:27 Simple tools & strategies work
6:19 Kajabi is the ultimate tool
6:50 The best decision for your business

– Kajabi – What is Kajabi? –

Kajabi is an online business platform that will help you make money online by selling products, offers, services and provide you with all the tools you could possibly need to grow your business and brand online. If you are looking for a one type solution that does it all for online business, look no further – Kajabi is the answer!

– 31 Days With Kajabi – What is it about? –

Welcome to the video series 31 Days With Kajabi! In this video series we’ll be going through EVERYTHING you need to know about Kajabi. We’re going to cover everything from creating your website, crafting your first product and setting up your offers – to the some of the more advanced things, like email automation tricks, how to make more money with Kajabi (without doing more things!) and my most successful strategies that have transported my business into a seven figure income stream – all using Kajabi. I’m super excited to have you onboard and I look forward to going on this journey with you, as we dive deeper into Kajabi and help take your business to the next level.

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– 31 Days With Kajabi –
Day 1: Why you NEED Kajabi in your business – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyBsBzG0i7U
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►► Grab your free trial of Kajabi + two free mini-courses here: http://grahamcochrane.com/kajabi

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