Will Your Choice of Words Make Or Break Your Online Business? #shorts

Should you or shouldn’t you include keywords in your domain name?

It’s an argument as old as the e-commerce age itself.

Some experts claim that including keywords in your domain name is crucial to your business’s chances of success.

Then, other experts, like Google’s John Mueller, say that there’s really no ranking benefit associated with having keywords in your domain name. In an article in Search Engine Journal, Mueller said:

“This is a really common question that comes up from new top-level domains. In short, no. You don’t get a bonus like that from having a keyword in your top-level domain.”

So there you have it.

Your domain’s ranking has nothing to do with the words you put in your domain name. So turn your focus to creating a domain that you can use no matter what business decisions you make in the future instead!

What’s the story behind your domain name?

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