What You Don’t Want To Hear About Online Business

This is not what you want to hear about online business…
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There are many great things about running an online business. I am very grateful for the life I have been blessed with thanks to the people I have been able to serve through my businesses. But online business has become a poster child for selling the dream, manifesting your hopes and goals and being the ultimate way to escape work and lay on the beach all day.

I hope you know, that this image is false. It doesn’t really exist. Online business is not all it is polished up to be. And today, I thought I would talk about that. Give you the reality of my daily life. The truth. The things that you probably don’t want to hear. The things that don’t get many, likes, views or subscribes – but I want to create a relationship between you and me, that is one of truth. And if you are heading into online business (which you should) or you already dipping your feet, then I want to prepare you for what’s to come. Not only in terms of telling you about the realities of being an online business owner, but also give you three essential things that you can use to navigate through these challenging phases of online business and grow in the process.

Time stamps:
0:00 I have to say this…
1:00 Do you have the right information?
2:33 No clear measure of success
3:15 Temptation to work all the time
4:09 Fear of losing momentum
5:15 The three biggest negatives to online business
5:50 Make clear financial and audience goals
7:36 Define clear work hours
8:05 Avoid momentum theory
9:08 It’s time to start

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