An online business is the best kind of business: you can start from home, with a laptop, and with no money

These 5 businesses are the online businesses I would start (and did start!) when I was a beginner with no money!

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Why this channel exists (For you!)

Starting a side hustle, buying your first investment property, landing your first consulting client, making your first $100K, your first $500K, your first $1M: these things are NOT easy

Yet, they aren’t taught in schools and we are left to figure it out on our own

Reading all the books, watching all the videos, listening to all the podcasts…..that can take you thousands of hours to do. You probably want someone to summarize this for you!

I’m fortunate to have figured some of this out and be in a position where I can spend my time doing what I want to do.

Since my favorite thing I’ve ever done in my life was TA’ing for a class in college, I’m starting this channel to transparently share everything I’ve learned about finances, starting a business, and investing in real estate
Who am I?

I graduated with honors from The Wharton School, the number one business school in the world. After graduation, I started my career at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), viewed as one of the top management consulting firms in the world. I directly worked with CEOs, billionaires, and government agencies.

After leaving, I built a solo consulting business to $500K profit per year. I use that profit to invest heavily into real estate, with my preferred investment being a single family home in an elite, 10/10 school district. I live in Chicago with my wife and two kids

This channel is meant to be entertaining and educational. However, Sean is not a licensed financial advisor, accountant, and is not acting as your real estate agent. Always do your own research and consult with licensed professionals familiar with your specific situation before making any kind of financial decisions or investments.