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Hey everyone!
In this video, I will share my top 7 lessons from starting my very own Media Agency Business, MarkitUp!

I’m the founder of MarkitUp, a thriving media agency that has achieved remarkable success since its inception in February 2021. Today, this business generates over 1 Crore every year, and I’m thrilled to share my valuable insights and a few important lessons that got me there!

Before diving into the nitty-gritty details, let me tell you a bit about my own background. After freelancing for several months, I realized my true passion lay in helping other brands and influencers grow their YouTube channels. Armed with this determination, I took the leap and founded MarkitUp.

What sets me apart from others is my firsthand experience in growing my own YouTube channel over the past few years. I’ve encountered countless challenges and experimented with various strategies.

Starting an agency business will teach you a multitude of invaluable lessons that go beyond just the technical aspects of running a business. Throughout your journey, you’ll gain essential skills and insights that will shape you into a well-rounded entrepreneur.
I’ll share all the lessons I learned throughout this journey, ranging from understanding the value of time to the importance of hiring a team consisting of long-term skilled members!
So, make sure to watch the video till the end and take notes!

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