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My name is Bianca Bailey and I am a mum of 4 kiddies. Seemingly, at the time, without my knowledge these kiddies have given me super powers that I have come to realise all of us mums share and have got inside of us! You may not know you have superpowers but you absolutely 100% definitely have!

Because I know you have, I am calling on all business mums and ALL mums who might not yet realise their powers, inner strength and boss mumma vibes yet, to unleash their inner boss babe!

Are you constantly juggling countless tasks, managing schedules, and multitasking like a pro!? Well, guess what? All those incredible skills you’ve honed through motherhood can be transferred into the world of business, making you a force to be reckoned with! I know because I have done it!

Introducing the ultimate new online business opportunity. IYO Club a lifestyle brand in Affiliate Commerce. A brand new online business opportunity. Us mums in business. Us women networking and supporting one-another with valuable lessons for mums in business. Let’s face it, none of us mums ever want to leave our kids in a daycare centre and go to work and miss all the special moments with our kids do we!?

It’s time us mums make money online. It’s time for Mumpreneurs to shine! I know because I am your proof through my own experience that business-minded mums like you are ready to smash it! Us mums have a culmination of skills like no other – even if you don’t realise it yet, I’ll show you they are there and how to shine bright utilising them.

It’s time to gather together, share our experiences, and unlock the power within you! Join our vibrant community of business mums who are revolutionising the way we define success and want to be work at home mums so that we are there and present for our children!

Motherhood has taught you resilience, adaptability, and the ability to tackle any challenge head-on. Now imagine harnessing those very qualities and applying them to your own business opportunity. The possibilities are endless! Mumpower is real!

Together, with us powerful women networking we’ll discover the perfect synergy between your incredible mothering instincts and your entrepreneurial spirit. No longer will you have to choose between pursuing your passions and being there for your family. With this new online business opportunity, you can have it all.

Mumpreneurs using Ai – imagine that. Built to put the power in Mumpower we are the first new online business opportunity to harness the incredible power of Ai and not any old Ai – oh no, only the world best Ai with Open Ai and ChatGPT built in to a brand new tool designed to make your life easier from the start. I know only too well, that as a busy mum, we have our hands full – well this has been designed by a group of formidable executive women, many of whom are business mums to empower you as a mum to be able to do everything from your phone, tablet or laptop. No other new online business opportunity has got this all in the palm of your hand.

Empowerment is our middle name. I believe that when mums come together, amazing things happen! From building powerful networks to sharing invaluable insights, our community is a hub of support and inspiration. I know that you have a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge to bring to the table. Let’s tap into that potential and create a collective of impactful boss babes.

Our platform is tailor-made to help busy mums like you thrive in the online business world. I understand the challenges you face, and we’ve curated a suite of resources, tools, and expert guidance to ensure your success. From time management tips to marketing strategies, we’ve got you covered.

You are more than just a mum. You are a visionary, a leader, and an unstoppable force. It’s time to embrace your true potential and show the world what you’re made of. Join me on this incredible journey and watch as your dreams become reality.

Together, let’s rewrite the narrative for business mums everywhere! Say goodbye to the limitations society has placed on us and hello to a world where motherhood and entrepreneurship go hand in hand.

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The future is bright, and it’s yours for the taking!

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