Table of Contents Introduction Where to Make Money Online Blogging Creating websites and search engine optimization Affiliate marketing Data entry Writing e-books Selling your products online Computer programming Testing games and mobile applications Transcribing Translation Designing logos Taking part in research and surveys Online Communication with Clients and Assistants How to Grow Your Online Resume How to Avoid Cyber Criminals Conclusion Author Bio Bonus Content How to Make Money Online INTRODUCTION CHAPTER 1 WHAT INTERNET TRADE ARE YOU INTERESTED IN? CHAPTER 2 WHAT DOES YOUR WEBSITE SAY ABOUT YOU? CHAPTER 3 SOCIAL MEDIA CHAPTER 4 JACK OF ALL TRADES CHAPTER 5 WHO IS YOUR MENTOR? CHAPTER 6 SUCCESS LIES IN YOUR ATTITUDE TIME TO SAY ADIEU! Author Bio Publisher Introduction The internet has totally revolutionized how people do business. Unlike in the past where employers and employees had to be in constant physical contact, currently you can employ somebody who is thousands of miles away. Actually, it is now normal to hear of a large company whose employees are distributed over different countries or continents. The demand for online workforce is ever increasing due to the increase in internet penetration in different parts of the world. This means that there are currently unlimited jobs that you can do over the internet from any part of the world. One major advantage of freelancing through the internet is that you get to be your own boss. This means that you’ll be the one managing your time and deciding the nature of job you want to do. You also have the freedom to choose when and where to do your job as long as you meet your clients’ specifications. With experience and dedication to your job, the internet can pay very well. This is part of the reason as to why more and more people are leaving their permanent jobs so as to establish their presence on the internet and start doing online jobs. Apart from the fact that you get to interact with several people from different parts of the world, the internet also provides a platform for you to display your skills and experience(s) to a larger population. This means that you are likely to have a larger customer base over the internet than anywhere else. With this and many more advantages of doing online jobs, anybody who’s interested in making extra cash can’t afford to ignore reading the book “How to Start Making Money online”. This book is designed to help anybody thinking of doing online jobs. Even if you have experience in doing online jobs, you still need to read this book so as to learn how you can expand your online resume and hence increase your income. Inside this book you’ll find tips on how to relate with your assistants and clients so as to grow your business (online company.) By simply reading the book “How to Start Making Money Online,” you’ll learn skills on how to secure your online business by avoiding cyber criminals and conmen. If you’re a newcomer in doing online jobs, all you need to do is read this book and you’ll get a list of all jobs that you can do over the internet. Start your journey to a secure and financially stable future by reading “How to Start Making Money Online!!!”

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