According to a poll by Time Out New York, 80 percent of young people say they want to live in New York City. The vast majority of these people, however, don’t know how to make this goal a reality. Those who do are often surprised at how difficult living and working can be in the city that never sleeps. Big Career in the Big City spotlights what to expect from life in New York, written in a hip, conversational tone that young people will appreciate and relate to. After completing worksheets to assess whether they’re cut out for life in the Big Apple, readers will learn how to score great jobs, meet new people, and develop their career brand. Plus, readers are given advice straight from New York recruiters about how to overcome the distance barrier and stand out from native applicants. This one-of-a-kind guide also deals with the logistics of moving to a new city; reveals how to cope with unfamiliar and sometimes stressful living arrangements; and offers suggestions on how to stick to a budget and stretch the almighty dollar.

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