This training will show you how to start an online business in 2024 without the marketing hype, no sugar coating, no BS advice or AI-generated content.

This is original content created by Eran Bucai, Founder of Dot Com Truths.

You will learn about 5 different paths:

Affiliate Marketing Path
Coach Path
Digital Product Creator Path
Membership Business Path
Service Provider Path

Whether you are a total beginner or someone who has been at the game for a while, this training is going to give you CLARITY on the roadmap.

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0:00 – Welcome

0:16 – What are the different routes for a successful online business?

1:58 – 6 stages required to go from an idea to making a living online

3:42 – What does “Success” look like to you?

5:10 – Setting up your goals and quantifying your progress

7:24 – 3 core components that you need to make money online

9:36 – Articulating the 3 core components and using them as a guide to create content for your business

10:15 – Outlining your idea of an online business

11:40 – Explaining the 4-step framework for improving productivity

14:55 – The focused stage

16:33 – Step-by-step process to be a successful digital service provider and coach

17:24 – Blueprint to follow for service coaches and digital service providers

19:42 – Blueprint to follow for affliate marketers

20:19 – Blueprint on how to find customers online

20:59 – What “Journey” means for this training

22:17 – What is the “Delegation quadrant”?

24:55 – 3 key lessons Eran learned in his online journey

27:24 – How Eran implemented the 3 things you need to be able to answer to start earning online

30:15 – What “Your” means for this training

32:49 – Productizing your knowledge and services

34:51 – Blueprint to follow for digital product creators and membership site owners

35:43 – Implementing automation and systems

36:36 – Recap of the 6 stages required to go from idea to making a living online

38:53 – How does Eran help people with utilizing software to get things done for their business?

39:39 – What is the Dot Com Truths Plus membership?

40:30 – Closing



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