Make Money Online How to Make $500 Extra Per Month As a Writer on Table of Contents Introduction Don’t Resign from Your Day Job Immediately Learn from the iWriter Tutorials Pick Only Contracts you can Deliver Upgrade your Account Write Top-Notch Articles to Achieve Star Status Analyze the Cadre of your Prospective Clients How to Make $500 Per Month as a Writer on Chapter 1: Signing up for Chapter 2: The Leveling of Writers in the iWriter Community Chapter 3: The iWriter Fast Track Program Chapter 4: Your First Priority When Starting Writing in iWriter without Availing the Fast Track Program 1. Choose the topics well 2. Choose simple projects with a minimum word count 3. Try putting more effort into writing 4. Choose your projects well 5. Be good and respectful to clients Chapter 5: Maintaining a Good Reputation 1. Know your real work pacing 2. Write about topics that you are confident 3. Don’t be afraid to learn 4. Follow instructions very well 5. Don’t be afraid to fail sometimes Chapter 6: The Advantages of Being One of the Most Prolific and Highest Rated Writers 1. You’ll gain more popularity 2. You can market yourself easily 3. You’ll get more writing request from different clients 4. You’ll have more connections 5. You can take it as a business opportunity 6. Your skills could be enhanced a thousand times Chapter 7: Some Values and Virtues That You Need in Order to Succeed in iWriter 1. Patience 2. Love your work 3. Be organized 4. Take breaks 5. Reward yourself 6. Save more money Introduction There are many avenues to make money on the internet today. Many people have found avenues through which they create revenue by affiliate marketing, blogging and guest blogging, writing content for SEO and selling content. Most of them do not necessarily have the required expertise in these areas. That is why you will find someone who trained in accounting earning his daily living through writing for a technical blog. When you decide to quit your nine to five job for internet writing gigs, you should have the will and drive. The most important thing is to get motivated towards success. The beginning might be a bit challenging, but that is normal for any new job. With time, as you get more involved, you will be the most prolific writer that clients will be looking out for to execute their projects. The dollars will then stream in to compensate you for your hard work. There is nothing miraculous about earning even up to $2000 per month writing short articles. For the sake of helping you chart a successful writing career, here is a step-by-step guide on how to make $500 per month writing articles for

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