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In this video, I’m going to go over how I cleverly use Netflix to make me money online every single month from the comfort of my own home.

So I’m one of those weird people really like working.

I love doing YouTube, love running my outbound phone sales agency business with Joey Rich, making progress, being productive as possible and managing my time, love hitting goals, love trying to juggle everything together.

BUT, doing this requires a lot of hours. And I end up working 8-12 hour days everyday.

Even tho I enjoy it, making good money, and get fulfillment out of what I do, it still takes a toll on you

On top of that, since the norm is to binge watch netflix, procrastinate, give up on your goals, it’s easy to want to ease back

As I was working these long hours, it’s easy to start to feel burnt out.

I would want to take breaks, watch daredevil that they just cancelled, go out, but then I would just hear Gary Vee (Vaynerchuk) cursing at me and I would say to myself “BUT JAKE, Gary Vee worked 30 hours a day for 50 years with no breaks. Man up!”

In the back of my mind, I knew this wasn’t sustainable so eventually, I gave in and started mixing in some netflix at the end of my working sessions at night

The strange thing was, I expected my productivity to go down, but it didn’t…

By watching netflix at night after I got all my work done, I saw that I ended making MORE money and getting MORE done during the day.

Compared to when I would just grind it out
So I was like “huh, interesting. Why is this so?…”

Then I remembered back to when I read The Power of Habit
In this book, Charles Duhigg, talks about how our lives are just a bunch of habits.

Your routine of staying at your job and going to work everyday is a habit. What you tend to eat is a habit. How much you exercise per day is a habit, etc. Habits are made of 3 parts – the trigger, the routine, and the reward.

And without realizing it, that’s why I was making more money
I had formed a habit out of working every day by rewarding my brain dopamine by watching netflix

So my newfound habit loop goes like this:
Trigger: waking up in the morning
Routine: working all day like Gary Vee
Reward: netflix

And now, that incentivizes my brain to keep doing the routine whenever it encounters the trigger of waking up in the morning to get the reward of watching netflix at the end of the day

The more I go through the routine, the better I get at what I do, therefore the more money I continue to make

And the more times I go through this habit loop, the stronger this habit gets to where it becomes a very productive addiction

“So Jake, you clickbaited me into this video and it’s great and all but how does this apply to me?”

Great question!

You can do the exact same thing as me to start making more progress and money

You can always change the reward of netflix to something that you enjoy more

And you can change the routine to the one thing that will help you achieve your current goal

But the overall point is that I believe the power of habits in your life is often overlooked

But if you know how to use habits to your advantage instead of fall victim to them, you can leverage positive habits to achieve anything you want in your life

You can turn hard things that you usually procrastinate on into things that you automatically do all by adding a reward at the end to reinforce it.

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