How to start an online business as a coach, consultant, expert or service provider.


Starting an online business as a coach, consultant, expert or service provider is far easier than most people would like to make you believe.

First and foremost online coaching businesses can be very lucrative, with little to no cost to start and even later on costs can be kept very low since you’re not selling a physical product.

How to become a consultant is something that most people wonder before they even get started. The truth is, you need to assess your strengths first, or have someone assess them for you. Once you’re aware of your strengths and challenges that you’ve overcome you can now see what kind of target audience your online business as a coach can serve.

Get to know your target audience, study them, feel them, start serving them with your coaching and consulting.

Learn the basics of sales after you’ve positioned your online coaching business properly. Niche down more than others, serve that small niche market and learn how to dominate it.

So as you can see, to start an online coaching business is no rocket science, neither is starting an online consulting business. Watch the video, execute these things and give us a call!

Max Berger is an entrepreneur, author and public speaker. He’s traveled the globe 4 times building one of the world’s biggest brands for dating advice and personal development. Today, Max focusses on helping people achieve the same freedom and lifestyle that he’s earned through years of trial, error and hard work. Watch, execute and live freely.

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