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Raiken lost 38 lbs through doing the right things — eating healthy and exercising. Many people are able to excel in business, but lack the physical fitness they deserve. It takes both to optimize performance in life.

Facebook Group “Romer The Roamer Seller Community”

ScoutIQ (my book sourcing app of choice)
Scoutly (cheaper alternative, better for non book items)
Eflip (free trial, there are some awesome videos that come with free trial on how to use)
Tracking Spreadsheet (beast data tracking tool, you can’t manage what you can measure)
Accelerlist (my listing software of choice)
Refunds Manager (they take 30% of whatever they get you back from amazon losing your stuff)
Nadamoo Scanner (cheapest, most bang for your buck scanner)
Whenever you’re in a city use this link to check the wealth, rich people have more expensive books… hit up thrift stores near purple areas on map

Please email me at with content request, book/business opportunities (I will also sell books any of you are “restricted” in), and questions.

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