Making money online has changed a lot in the last two decades. An online income was once the exception, but now it has become the new standard of making money. Practically everything that used to require a physical interaction has been converted through the internet to be handled digitally.

This can be both a good and bad thing for people and their income. With the proliferation of the internet around the globe, it is easier than ever to jump online and generate income. However, for the folks who ignore it, will be left behind and find it harder than ever to make a fair wage.

I’ll show you how I took my one-time career and converted it to 100% online income – rental properties, freelance work and youtube.

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Left the job grind making $200,000+ a year at 27 years old and achieved a net worth of $1,000,000 by my 30th birthday.

I’m a simple surfer who dreamt of chasing waves instead of the paycheck. Saved excessively in my 20s and made a few key investments that allowed me to purchase seven acres of raw land. Instead of hiring a builder, I decided to solo build my own income shipping container home – mortgage free.

I consider myself a fancy and frugal minimalist and now live off expenses of roughly $900 a month. I’m in love with business and entrepreneurship, with my “expertise” being real estate, specifically rentals and land development.

I spend my days growing my property management business, surfing, training Brazilian Jiu jitsu, traveling and learning how to cook new dishes.


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