Do Influencers Still Work in 2019, Minimum Money to Start a Online Business & More! [Q&A Friday 001]

Q&A Friday on a Monday (we lost power last week from storms, so couldn’t upload).

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Questions answered in today’s video:

What if I don’t get any comments on my facebook ad?
Do you have scripts or templates on how to ask instagram influencers for a shoutout/post?
Who do you use to print your t-shirts from?
Do leggings work in print on demand businesses?
Does influencer marketing work with teespring or teechip, or just shopify?
How much does it cost to advertising on facebook (cost per sale?)
tmhunt is not working, is there an alternative?
Is there a best time of day to start a facebook advertising campaign?
Is there a monthly price to sell on amazon?
Can I start a print on demand business using only influencers? And I have $300 to start a business, is that enough?

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