Start an Online Business in easy steps, 2nd edition

Start an Online Business in easy steps, 2nd edition will show you how to research, prepare and run your own online business and will also give you the tools and the confidence to be able to explain to other staff members, clients, potential suppliers and of course customers, about what your online business is, and what it can do for them. Now fully updated for today’s online market, it will guide you through: · Planning, registering, and financing your business. · Setting up your business online, and marketing it effectively. · Monetizing your site. · Managing and retaining customers. · The tricks of the trade to earn more from your website, and much more to make your site successful! This book is intended for entrepreneurs, employees, employers, parents, students… in fact anyone interested in starting a business online no matter what their level of experience. It is for the non-techie who wants to be involved with every facet of setting up and running their own e-business. Whether you have a great idea for an online business but don’t know where to start, or you’ve just launched your online shop and need to attract customers, this book is for you! Table of Contents: 1. Start an Online Business 2. Business Planning & Finance 3. Setting Up Online 4. Monetizing Your Site 5. Supply Chain 6. Marketing Your Online Business 7. Customer Relationship Management 8. Useful Resources

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