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1. Blogging

If you like to write on a certain topic, then blogging could be a highly profitable online job. The pay definitely varies. You can make anywhere from $1-$10,000 (or more) a month.
Blogging is a real online job that moms, dads, students and regular people like you and me have used to make money on a part-time schedule working online. Blogging can definitely take time to grow and make money. It usually takes at least 6-18 months to start making money from a blog. The fun thing about blogging is as an online job is that you can choose a topic that you’re truly passionate about. As long as you enjoy what you’re doing and what you’re sharing in a blog, the opportunities are virtually limitless.

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2. Social Media Manager

If you love being on social media, look into an online job as a social media manager and put that time online to good use! This online job could be a great option for college students and can pay between $15-$40 per hour. Managing a business’s social media is similar to managing your own social media platforms. You have to be active and also interactive. Which means replying to comments and messages and staying engaged.

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3. Freelance Writer

If you have a talent for writing and can find clients who need content in a niche that you understand and enjoy, freelance writing could be another legit way to make money from home. You can make fifty to five hundred dollars per article with freelance writing. And it’s a great online job for stay at home moms and college students to look into!

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4. Dropshipper

With this online job, you can make between $25-$500 or more per item sold. So the pay can definitely fluctuate. Now the profit margin with dropshipping isn’t as high as if you were stocking and shipping your own physical products. But this online job has the benefits of being completely hands-off.

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5. Virtual Assistant
You can make between $19-$25 per hour with this online job. Becoming a virtual assistant to an already established online business is honestly one of the best online jobs to get into quickly. There are many different tasks that you can do as a virtual assistant.

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6. Graphic Designer

You could make between $25-$50 per hour and you don’t need to have a degree in graphic design to land some online jobs in this industry, although, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have that education and credentials. Businesses need someone with graphic design skills for all types of projects like creating printable sheets, announcements, ads or Pinterest images.

7. Bookkeeper or Budgeter

You could make around $20-$60 per hour with this work from home job. Budgeting and bookkeeping are similar. But typically, budgeting relates more to an individual and bookkeeping is more for a business.

8. Tutor

It’s no secret that teachers aren’t always paid the best, but there are a lot of additional money-making opportunities that teachers can take advantage of! The first being a tutor. As a tutor, you can make around $14-$22 per hour or more. And it’s honestly pretty fast money. You can find local clients to begin tutoring, or you can even sign up for an online tutoring website to teach remote. An online company that a lot of people use is VIPKid.

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9. Online Seller

A great work from home job for teens is becoming an online seller. With this work from home job you can make between $40-$60 on average per box of items sold. If you have extra clothes, shoes, toys and gadgets hanging around that are no longer of use, get them sold and make some money!

10. Transcriber

If you are quick with a keyboard, then an online job that could be great for you is becoming a transcriber. With this work from home job, you can make between $10-$36 per hour. By becoming a transcriber, you will translate audio files into text documents for clients. You do need to have some quiet time set aside for this online job, so it could be great for stay at home moms during nap time.

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